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Luxo Task and Desk Lights
<a href="" title="Luxo Task and Desk Lights">Luxo Task and Desk Lights</a>
Luxo's range of task lights and desk lights varies from the classic original L1 to the highly sophisticated designer oriented Ovelo. Calypso and Ninety are contemporary and functional with our 360 task light being a firm favourite.

Whether you require a simple reading light, a piece of history, an avant-garde design or a lamp suited to today's modern computer based workstation, you will find what you need in Luxo's range of task lights.

Luxo's ergonomically designed Calypso task light complies with health & safety requirements by eliminating glare & reflection

Luxo task lights and desk lights plus accessories are widely specified, being used throughout offices and homes.

Luxo, recognised as one of the world's leading suppliers of lighting solutions, was founded in Oslo, Norway some 75 years ago. Luxo manufactures to the highest quality and reliability. Luxo proudly holds ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certification, internationally recognized standards relating to manufacturing quality and environmental management.

For more information on Luxo products and to see our full range of Luxo task lights, visit our website here.

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