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Copy Holder - MH901 51.50
(42.92 ex VAT)

Colour Options:

Light Grey (COP000805)
Light Grey (COP000805)

Price Inc. VAT: 51.50


Designer: LUXO

The quality associated with Luxo's renowned arm technology is not just limited to desk lights. The Luxo range of copyholders benefits from the same expertise and will complete a well organised and ergonomically correct workspace. People using a computer in their day-to-day work will discover that a Luxo copyholder improves their working posture - the horizontal movements of head and neck are reduced considerably. Such movements often cause inconvenience and nuisance. Place the copyholder between keyboard and screen or as close to the screen as possible - for example by using the copyholder arm.

Placing your document in the optimal position will encourage the best ergonomic posture.

Type: Desktop

Usage: Placed between screen and keyboard.

Luxo's range of copyholders is made from ABS plastic for high durability and supreme product quality.

Dimensions: Plate dimensions: 310 x 400 mm. Load capacity: 1800 g

Warranty: Backed by the Glamox 5 year warranty.

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